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En raison d'un grand nombre de commandes et du fait que je réalise tous les bijoux et créations à la main, le délai de traitement des commandes est actuellement allongé. Je vous remercie pour votre compréhension et votre patience.

Interdiction Paris

Interdictionis a french jewelry brand, born of the meeting between a jeweler and a fashion designer. The creators aim to make luxury accessible, thanks to a diamond set in each piece ; this detail, circled with red enamel, is the brand signature. They offer a collection in which both their influences are expressed : the masculine touch as well as the feminine grace allied to form a unique style, sometimes unisex, always daring. They commit in favour of the french savoir-faire by choosing to produce their jewels themselves in their parisian workshop.

A tandem of limitless creators

One of Interdiction Paris's two creators, Sabina Nougarède is an arts craftswoman. She began her career at the age of 17 in the field of fashion but soon became interested in jewelry. She naturally began to assemble and embroider jewels on her unique garments. In 2015 she presents her first jewelry collection, made of silver and gold. Nowadays she associates with a high jeweler to offer inspired products.

The inspirations, travels and origins

Interdiction's creators draw their inspiration from their fabulous journeys as well as their origins in Columbia, Cambodia and Vietnam. This way they wish to pay homage to these different cultures they admire, through their collections.

The transgressions

Interdiction goes against jewelry's codes in its use of diamonds. They are set onto silver bases, thus making diamonds more accessible.

The French manufacturing

The whole manufacturing process is made in France in the parisian workshop. For each jewel, our creators first look for inspiration, before they design the product and patterns. The jewel is then modelled, out of wax or in 3D. The lost-wax casting is done in a renowned parisian foundry. Then finally, our creators make their finishes and crimpings with their high quality standards. Each piece is made to order with our clients' measurements

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