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This website is owned and run byInterdiction. On this website, terms « we », “our” and “ours” are referred to Interdiction.Interdiction proposes this website, including all the information, tools and services that are available for you, the user, providing that you accept the whole terms and conditions, politics and opinions stated in the document.
While visiting this website and/or buying one of our products, you commit to our “Service” and accept to be bound by the following terms and conditions (“Terms of sales”, “General Terms and Conditions”, “Conditions”), including terms, conditions and additional politics which are referred to and/or reachable by link. These General Terms and Conditions are to be applied by all the users of this website, including but not limiting to the users of this website, clients, sellers and/or people contributing to the content.
Please read these General Terms and Conditions carefully before accessing or using our website. Accessing or using any part of this website bounds you by these General Terms and Conditions. If you do not accept all of the terms and conditions of this agreement, then you must not access to this website nor use the services that are offered. If these General Terms and Conditions are considered as an offer, the acceptation is expressly limited to these General Terms and Conditions.
Any new functionnality and any new tools that are to be added in the future on this shop will be subject to the General Terms and Conditions. You can access to the earliest version of the Terms of Sales at any time on this page. We reserve the right to update, change or replace any part of these Terms of Sales by publishing the updates and/or modifications on our website. It falls to you to regulary consult this page in order to check if any modification has been made. Your regular use of the website or your access to it after any publication of a modification means acceptance of the mentioned modifications.
Our shop is hosted by OVH. They supply the e-business platform that enables us to sell our products online.


By accepting the General Terms of Sales, you declare that you have the legal age in your country, State or province of residency, and that you gave us your consent to a minor person that you have responsibility for to use this website.
The illegal and not-allowed use of our products is firmly prohibited, and you must not, while using our Service, break laws of your jurisdiction (including but not limiting to the copyright laws)
You must not transmit any virus or any viral code of destructive nature.
Any transgression of the actual General Terms and Conditions will lead to the immediate cancellation of your Services.


We reserve the right to refuse at any time the access to our services to any person, for any reason.
You understand that your content (except your credit card information) could be transferred in a non-crypted way, which means (a) transmission on diverse web platforms; and (b) changes to conform and adapt ourself to the technical needs for connecting to websites and devices. The credit card information are always crypted during the transmission on the websites.
You agree not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell, or make use of any part of our Service or use of our Service, or any access to our Service or contact on our website where the Service is available, without any express written autorisation from us.
Titles used in this agreement are included for your convenience, and will not limit nor affect these Conditions.


We are not responsible of the available information on the website if it is not accurate, complete or updated. This website’s content is available for information only and should not represent your only information source in order to take any decision, without consulting first more accurate, more complete and updated information. If you decide to trust this website’s content, you do so at your own risk.
This website may contain some previous information. This previous information, as it is said, is not updated and for your information only.
We reserve the right to ourselves to change the website’s content at any time, but we don’t have any obligation to update this information on our website. You accept the fact that it is your responsibility to check the modifications made on our website.


Our products’ prices can not be changes without notice.
We reserve ourselves the right to change or interrupt at any time the Service (and any part or content of the Service) without notice and at any time.
We will not be responsible towards you or any other third part about any price modification, suspension or interruption of the Service.


Some products or services can be excluvely available online on our website. These products or services can be available as limited quantities and can only be object to a return or exchange, in accordance with our Return Policy.
We did our best to show as clearly as possible the colours and images of our products, which are available online. We can’t guarantee that the view of the colours of your screen will be precise.
We reserve ourselves the right, without having to do so, to limit the sailings of our products or services to anyone, in our geographical region or jurisdiction. We can use the right to limit the quantity of any product or service that we provide. All the products’ descriptions and poducts’ prices can be changed at any time without further notice, at our own discretion. We reserve ourselves the right to stop providing a product at any time. Any offer of product or service shown on the website is not valid where the law forbids it.
We do not guaranty that the quality of our products, services, information, or any other good that you got or bought will suit your expectations, nor any mistake about the Service will be corrected.


We reserve ourselves the right to refuse any order you may make towards us. We could, at our own discretion, reduce or cancel the quantity bought by person, by household or by order. These restrictions could include orders made by or from the same customer account, the same credit card, and/or orders using the same billing address and/or shipment. In the case which we could change an order or if we come to cancel it, we could try to warn you by reaching the email and/or the billing address / phone number provided when you made your order. We reserve ourselves the right to restrict or forbid the orders that, according to us, could come from traders, resellers or distributors.
You agree to provide the updated, complete and exact information about the order and the account concerning any order you may make on our shop. You commit yourself in updating as soon as possible you account and other information, including your email address, youe credit cards numbers and expiring dates, in order to complete your transaction and contact you if need be.
For any more details, please read your Return Policy.


We could give you the access to third parts that we do not follow, nor control, nor influence.
You recognize and accept the fact that we give the access to these tools “as they come” and “if they are available”, without any guarantee, representation or condition of any kind and without any approbation. We will not have any legal responsibility as a consequence or related to the use of these optional tools from a third party.
If you use the optional tools that we offer on the website, you do so at your own risk and at your discretion, and you should read the conditions related to the tools that are offered by the third part of concerned supplier(s).
We could also, in the future, offer new services and/or new functionalities on our website (including new tools and new ressources). These new functionalities and new services will be ruled by the General Terms and Conditions.


Some content, products and services are available thanks to our Service and could include some elements coming from third parts.
The bonds that are coming from the third parts of this website could redirect you to third part websites that are not related to us. We are not due to consult or evaluate the content or accuracy of those websites, and we do not guarantee and assume no responsibility concerning any content, website, product, service or any other element accessible on or from those third part websites.
We are not responsible of any prejudice or damage related to the sales or use of good, services, ressources, content, or any other transaction made concerning those third part websites. Please read carefully the policies and practices of the third parts and make sure you understand them before starting any transaction. Complains, demands, concerns, or questions concerning the products of these third parts must be sent to these third parts people.


If, at our own demand, you publish any specific content (for example, in order to participate to an event) or if without any request from us, you send creative ideas, suggestions, proposals, plans or any other elements, either online , by email, by mail, or else (collectively, “comments”), you allow us the right, at any time, and without restrictions, to edit, copy, publish, share, translate and use in our way and in any media any comment that you sent to us. We are not and will not have to be due (1) to keep the confidentiality of the comments ;(2) to pay any compensation to anyone for any comment they have written ; (3) to answer to the comments.
We could, but we have no obligation to do so, survey, change or delete the content that we consider, at our own discretion, illegal, offending, threatening, abusive, defamatory, pornographic, obcene or any other reprehensible fact, or breaking any intellectual property or the General Terms and Conditions.
You commit yourself in writing comment that do not offend the rights of the third parts, including the copyrights, trademarks, confidentiality, personality, or other personal and property rights. You also agree that your comments will not have any illegal content, nor defamatory, offensive or obcene, and that they will not contend any informatic virus or any malicious softwares that could affect the could function of the Service or any other partner website. You can’t use any false email address, pretend to be someone you are not, or try to lie to us or a third part concerning your comments. You are fully responsible of all the comments that you publish and of their accuracy. We are not responsible and decline any engagement towards you for any comment you may post on our website or on a third part website.


The submission of your personnal information in our shop is led by our Confidentiality Policy. Clic here to read our Confidentialiti Policy.


There might be a chance that sometimes, some information on our website or the Service might contain some typographic mistakes, inaccuracies or omissions that could be relative to the description of products, price, promotion, offers, sending fees of the products, delays of delivery and availability. We reserve ourself the right to correct any mistake, inaccuracy, omission, and to change and update the information or cancel the order, if any information about the Service or on any other associated website is inaccurate, and that at any time and without notice (including after you made your order).
We are not supposed to update, change or clarify the information about the Service or on any other associated website, including but not limiting to the information about prices, except for those required by law. No defined date of update about the Service or any other associated website should be taken for concluding the information of the Service or any other associated website has been changed or updated.


In addition to the rules mentioned in the General Terms and Condition, it is prohibited to use the website and its content : (a) for illegal purpose ; (b) to incite third parts in doing illegal acts or to take part in it ; (c) to break any law, rule or international, federal, provincial or state regulation ; (d) to make any infringement or violation of our intellectual rights and copyrights or those of a third part ; (e) to bully, abuse, insult, hurt, defame, denigrate, slander, intimidate or discriminate anyone according to his/her sex, sexual orientation, religion, ethnical origin, race, age, national origin, or handicap ; (f) to submit false or misleading information ; (g) to uploade or transmit virus or any other kind of malicious code that could be used to compromise the functionality or use of the Service or any other associated website, independent or from the Internet ; (h) to get or follow the personal data of someone else ; (i) to pollupsot, scam, divert a domain, extort information, exploire or swipe the web (or any other resource) ; (j) for any obcene or immoral purpose ; or (k) to hurt or bypass the security mesures of our Service, any other website, or the Internet. We reserve ourself the right to cancel you use of the Service or any other related website for breaking the forbidden use mentioned above.


We do not guarantee nor pretend that your use of our Service will be continuous, quick, secure or without bugs.
We do not guarantee the results that could be made though the use of the Service will be accurate or reliable.
You accept that sometimes, we could delete the Service for undefined period of time, or cancel the Service at any time, without giving any further notice.
You agree that your use of the Service, or your unability to use it, is at your own risk. The Service and all the products and services that we provide though the Service are (except express mention of the contrary by us) furnished “as they are” and “according to the availability” for your own use, without representation, no guarantee nor conditions of any kind, express or implicit, including all the implicit sales guarantees or trade quality, adaptation to a personal use, durability, title and no counterfeiting.
Interdiction, our directors, managers, employees, affiliated societies, agents, contracting parties, trainees, suppliers, services providers and licensors can not be taken for responsible for any wound, loss, complain, or direct, indirect, accessory, punitive, special damages, or as a result of any kind, including but not limiting to the loss of profits, incomes, salary, savings, data, replacement or any similar damages, would they be contractual, criminal (even in case of negligence),  of strict or other responsibility, as a result of your use of any service or product coming from this Service, or concerning any complain relative to any use you may have done of the Service or any product including but not limiting to any mistake or omission in the content, or to any loss or damage of any kind as a result of the use of the Service or of the content (or product) published, transmitted, or made available by another way through the Service, even if you were warned about the possibility that it could happen. Because some States or some jurisdictions do not allow to exclude or limit the responsibility about consecutive or accessory damages, our responsibility will be limited within the maximal mesure mentioned by the law.


You agree to indemnify, defend and protect Interdiction, our parent company, our subsidiary, affiliated societies, partners, managers, directors, agents, contracting party, licensor, service providers, subcontractor, suppliers, trainees and employees, concerning any complaint or request, including reasonable lawyers’ fees, made by any third party because of or as a consequence of your violation of the General Terms and Conditions or of the documents of which they refer to, or of your violation of any law or a third party’s rights.


In case of one of the dispositions mentioned in the General Terms and Conditions would be judged as illegal, null or unapplicable, this disposition can nevertheless be applied in the allowed mesure of the law, and the non applicable part should be considered as separated from these General Terms and Conditions, this separation will not affect the validity and applicability of all the remaining dispositions.


The obligations and responsibilities engaged by the parts before the resiliation date will remain active after the resiliation of this agreement for any motive. These General Terms and Conditions are effective at least and until they are resigned by you or not. You can cancel these General Terms and Conditions at any time warning us that you do not wish to use our Services anymore, or when you stop using our website. If we judge, at our own discretion, that you should fail, or if we suspect your incapacity to conform yourself to the modalities of the General Terms and Conditions, we could also cancel this agreement at any time without further notice and you should remain responsible for any amount due until the cancellation date (included), and/or we could deny the access to our Services (or any part of it)


Any negligence from us concerning the use or the application of any right or any disposal of the General Terms and Conditions should not represent a renouncement to this right or this disposal. These General Terms and Conditions or any other policy or operating rule that we publish on this website or relative to the Service is part of the whole agreement between you and us and they rule your use of the Service, and replace all the communications, proposals and agreements, before and accurate, oral and written, between you and us (including but not limiting to any late version of the General Terms and Conditions) Any ambiguity concerning the interpretation of the General Terms and Conditions must not be interpreted in disfavor of the writing part.


These General Terms and Conditions, and any other separated agreement with which we give the Services will be determined and interpreted by the applicable laws at 23 rue de la peupleraie 91160 LONGJUMEAU France.


You can refer to the earliest version of the General Terms and Conditions at any time on this page. We reserve the right, at our own discretion, to update, change, or replace any part of these General Terms and Conditions by publishing the updates and changes on our website. It is your responsibility to regulary visit our website in order to check if any change has been made. Your regular use or access to our website after any modification made about our General Terms and Conditions means your acceptation of the modifications.


Any question about the General Terms and Conditions can be sent to contact@sabinanougarede.com